Aesthetic Instagram Puzzle for your product/brand

Hey Boloo'er!

Millenials and Gen Z make up the highest demographic of Instagram users, and catching their attention is critical to increasing your page's likes, followers, and engagement rate.

I'm Sandra, a full-time Photographer, Videographer & Graphic Designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I'll be happy to help you design a consistent and strategic social media presence, which generates an organic following and a wider reach of your project or brand.

★ Perfect for
✔ Your products or king product
✔ Ecommerces
✔ Brands
✔ Companies

✪ BOL.COM STARTER, 230€ (btw Excluded)
I will design 18 grids for your instagram with your own photos or stock

✪✪ BOL.COM BADASS, 330€ (btw Excluded)
I will design 27 grids for your instagram with your own photos or stock.

I am also a professional photographer based in Amsterdam.
If you need new photos for your product you can check my portfolio

★ What you'll get

✔ Boost your business through eye-catching
✔ Costumer-engaging content that will speak for itself and transmit the vibe, ideals, and vision you want to portray.
✔ Custom aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts
✔ Unlimited revisions until your satisfaction

★ What I need:

  1. Your product/ company name, logo
  2. Link to your website and social media platforms
  3. The content/ phrases for your posts
  4. Your product images for your posts (or I'll use stock images relevant to your brand)
  5. Please contact me before placing your order
Max. 24 uur
Max. 3 dagen
Max. 5 dagen
Max. 7 dagen
Max. 10 dagen
Max. 14 dagen
Max. 30 dagen
Vereisten die nodig zijn om te beginnen: Send me a message!

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