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Welkom Boloo'ers!

Looking for Professional High Quality Photos for your Product? This is THE GIG!

Perfect for:
✪ E-Commerce
✪ Your Website
✪ Marketing, Advertising
✪ Social Media

I'm a Full-Time Photographer & Videographer for more than 6 years. I'm based in Amsterdam. I've worked for big brands such as Airbnb, EVEDARE... I have had more than 850 happy clients from 75 different countries!

Here you can check my portfolio (web page on construction)


✪ From 350€ (btw Excluded)
✪ 1h shooting
✪ A maximum of 3 products
✪ Includes 6 photos
✪ Each project is different, prices may vary depending the product and brand.

For a custom quote please send us the following information to our email

  • What’s your business / brand name?

  • Tell us a bit about your business and the goods or services you provide.

  • If you have them, please write us your web site and instagram.

  • What type of photos do you need? White/colour background? Lifestyle?

  • Do you need models on your product photos/video? Female? Male? Both?

  • How many products do you need to shoot? If you have different colour options per product it counts as a different product.

  • How many photos per product do you need?

  • Do you have a briefing or a moodboard (collage with examples of photos)?

If you don't have, we will send you an inspirational moodboard & you will provide us your feedback.

If models are needed. We have a booklet with variety of faces depending on your project needs, skins, rates, ages, hair colour etc. Models quote vary from 50€-200€ per hour. The models prices are not included on our photography services.

Don't place any order without discussing your needs with me first, after that you can send me the product to my location. Note to send a return label & box with your item.

After that you'll select your favourite photos and receive high quality retouched photos that will increase your sales!

I look forward to working with you soon!

Sandra Herrero Photography

Max. 24 uur
Max. 3 dagen
Max. 5 dagen
Max. 7 dagen
Max. 10 dagen
Max. 14 dagen
Max. 30 dagen
Vereisten die nodig zijn om te beginnen: Send me a message!

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